Our History

“ .. On April 26, 1956, a crane lifted fifty-eight alumi­num truck bodies aboard an aging tanker ship moored in Newark, New Jersey. Five days later, the Ideal-X sailed into Houston, where fifty-eight trucks waited to take on the metal boxes and haul them to their destinations. Such was the beginning of a revolution. Decades later, when enormous trailer trucks rule the highways and trains hauling nothing but stacks of boxes rumble through the night, it is hard to fathom just how much the container has changed the world. […]
What is it about the container that is so important? Surely not the thing itself. A soulless aluminum or steel box held together with welds and rivets, with a wooden floor and two enormous doors at one end: the standard container has all the romance of a tin can. The value of this utilitarian object lies not in what it is, but in how  it is used. The container is at the core of a highly automated system for moving goods from anywhere, to anywhere, with a minimum of cost and complication on the way. The container made shipping cheap, and by doing so changed the shape of the world economy. […]
Containerization has sweeping consequences for workers and consumers all around the globe. Without it, the world would be a very different place.”

Marc Levinson, “The Box”

General Noli International Freight Forwarders is an Italian multinational corporation, fully engaged in seafreight and airfreight, from anywhere to anywhere in the world.
General Noli was founded in 1979 in Modena. Today, by virtue of a worldwide network, it avails itself of 3000 employees and 300 offices, between affiliates, agents and correspondents.
The highly qualified staff, supported by an efficient and modern IT system, allows General Noli to offer services tailored to the needs of each client.
The high standard of quality and service is maintained through the continual tracking of the shipments and the prompt relay of updates of status to the clientele, thanks to the constant exchange of information among our staff and an advanced Track & Trace system.
The creation of Vertical Markets, headed by professionals with vast experience in the various product groups, contributes to offers specifically directed to global companies.